Fees Structure

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The purpose of this policy and regulation is to provide a guideline in the charges and fees imposed on students of Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL).


Each UniKL student is required to submit the payment for the charges and required fees at the rate specified. UniKL reserves the right to take follow up action if the student fails to pay any fees at the designated time.


RM250 offer acceptance fee will NOT be refunded if the student wants to quit.

Registration fee will be refunded if the student decides to stop suddenly from pursuing studies at UniKL meet while still in the orientation week. For students who want to quit after orientation week the money will be refunded after deducting the rate of how long students stay in hostels and others.

After registering the subject as academic calendar, if a student wants to drop the subject 'in week 1 and week 2, no charge will be levied. If a student wants to drop the subject "in week 3 & 4, the charge of 50% of tuition fees will be charged. Next after the specified week, full payment will be charged if the student still wants to 'drop the subject '.

There are five types of fees & charges on students of UniKL.

Here are the types of fees & charges: -

Processing Fees

Acceptence Fees

Entry Fees

Recurring Fees

Tuition Fees

The structure of fees in accordance with the programs offered at UniKL MICET: -

Diploma Programme   

  Fees structure Diploma Programme

Bachelor Programme

 Fees structure Bachelor Programme


There are 3 types of payment methods: -

CIMB Counter - Collect Service

CIMB website – cimbclicks 


UniKL MICET Finance counter – Hostel Booking, penalties etc