Master of Engineering Technology (Green and Energy Efficient Buildings)

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KPT/JPS (KA 11574) 10/15, MQA A11574


UniKL has teamed up with an internationally renowned German university for  sustainable buildings, the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim (UAS RO), to provide a joined Master programme to assist in creating a green, state-of-the-art energy-efficient and yet affordable building culture. The programme is not only combining but also going beyond conventional engineering and management subjects to produce experts that meet the market needs to retrofit existing as well as design and test new buildings, technology and materials in a sustainable, energy- and cost-efficient manner, complying with green building certification tools such as the BREEAM, the LEEDS, the GREENSTAR or the Malaysian Green Building Index (GBI).


By building up human capital in terms of green building and technology experts and technopreneurs we wish to achieve a palpable contribution to dampen the global warming and predicted energy crisis in Malaysia and beyond.


UniKL graduates who are :

1) Knowledgeable, competent, and innovative;

2) effective leaders with teamworks, skills as well as verbal and non-verbal interpersonal communications skill;

3) committed towards the importance of lifelong learning and continuous improvements;

4) professional, ethical, and socially responsible; and

5) capable of embarking on businessand technopreneurial activities.


At the end of the programme, graduates should be able to:

PLO Description

Apply knowledge of science, mathematics, management and engineering fundamentals to evaluate and retrofit existing as well as design and test new buildings, technology and materials that are sustainable, energy- and cost-efficient.


Identify and study literature related to buildings, green technology and materials. Evaluate and solve engineering problems related to buildings, green technology and materials using simulation software and other analytical tools and provide solutions that are sustainable, energy- and cost-efficient.


Conduct investigations on problems related to building performance and sustainability; search and select relevant data from building data bases and literature, design and conduct building-related experiments that improve the performance and sustainability providing valid conclusion.


Select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering tools, including prediction, simulation and modelling, to green building, technology and materials, with an understanding of the limitations.


Function effectively as an individual, as well as member or leader in diverse technical teams by being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations and give and receive clear instructions.

PLO6 Training “experts for green technology, energy efficiency, construction and management who understand the needs of clients with diverse cultural backgrounds and commit to professional ethics and sustainability” to help Malaysia to improve its efforts making an effective contribution to the reduction of the global warming and sustainable development.
PLO7 Preparing the students for an international operating working environment in green building management with technopreneurial competencies

Refine the ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning through effective use of library, PC and online information resources & software to complete assigned tasks such as mini-projects, assignments and master thesis.


First and only international Green Building Master Programme in Malaysia

Increase key role of green building technology in Malaysia and worldwide

Implemantation of an innovative environmental-friendly based programme according to the latest German technology in line with the Malaysian requirements.

The Specialist for Green Building, Energy and Management as link between engineers and architects in the international construction industry.


2 years (4 semesters)






Minimum Requirements

Bachelor degree in Engineering Technology / Science / Engineering (Honours) in related field with minimum CGPA of 2.75 or equivalent as approved by Senate UniKL


Bachelor degree with working experience of at least two (2) years in a field relevant to this master-program or other professional qualification approved by Senate UniKL 


English Language Requirements (International Applicants)

IELTS band 5.5


TOEFL score 525


English Placement Test (EPT) band 5.5 - conducted internally at UniKL

Selected Final Year Project of MGEEB students;

- Contribution To Wood Gasification As An Energy Resource For Application In A Green Building

- A Comparative Thermal Comfort And Energy Consumption Study Between Decentralized Power Interrupters For Non-Inverted Split Units And Their Conventional Remote Controls

- Green And Energy Efficient Awareness In Klang Valley

- Thermoventilator

- Evaluation Of The Hybrid Heating & Cooling System In The Duschl Building

- Techno-Economical Feasibility Study Of Retrofitting UniKL MICET Lab 16 With Double-Glazed Window And Ceiling Insulation

- Techno-Economical Feasibility Study Of Retrofitting UniKLMICET Office With Double-Glazed Window And Optimised Energy-Efficient Lighting

- Life cycle analysis of green wall for buildings in tropics

- Eco-friendly bricks


Fee Structure for Master of Engineering Technology



"Pursuing a PhD degree at UNIKL offered me with the possibilities to introduce my project at the global stage, as UniKL has forged a brilliant collaboration with other universities including European (ERASMUS+ program) and neighbouring Asian countries that provide an excellent platform for me to share my project and exchange knowledge. With the attractive scholarship offered, this kind of privilege should not be taken for granted."

- Amir Aiman Tahrim,Semester 3,PhD student -