INTRA Flow Process

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  1. Subject Registration

Students are required to register for the Industrial Training subject during the Induction Session (specified by each institute).

Students who do not submit the subject registration form are considered to be uninterested or unwilling to do their Industrial Training in the respective semester, therefore their names will not be listed in the Industrial Training list.

  1. Industrial Training Briefing

It is compulsory for all students to attend INTRA briefing which will be held on the second week, one semester before the INTRA. The purpose of this briefing is to guide the students for the InTra placement/sourcing.

  1. Identifying Placement / Sourcing

It is compulsory for the students to find companies that are related to their respective course. Please ensure that all the following information on the company is obtained and submitted to the InTra Coordinator. :

  • The background of the company.
  • The activity, nature of the business, the products and etc.
  1. Duration

The duration of the InTra is 24 weeks for all Engineering Technology programmes.

The duration for other programmes shall comply to the respective programme standards of Professional Body requirements (if any).

In certain cases where the company requests to extend the training period, a letter from the company should be submitted to the INTRA Committee for approval. A programmeshould also follow the requirement standard provided by the professional body (if any).

  1. INTRA Induction Session

The Period of the Induction Session will be based on each institute

requirements. The contents of Induction Session may include:

  • The objectives of the INTRA
  • InTra Report and Presentation
  •  Job Prospect
  • Work Ethics & Communication Skills
  • Safety & Health
  1. INTRA Secretariat will distribute the necessary documents to the students at the end of the Induction Session:
  • InTra Log Book
  • Students Handbook
  • Report Duty For


  1. Report for duty
  • Students are required to report for duty at the company according to the time and date stated during the INTRA briefing/induction session. All the following documents are to be brought along on the reporting day:
  • Industrial Training Reply Form (Company confirmation letter) Report for Duty Form
  • Logbook
  1. Visit by University Supervisor

Each student will be assigned to one (1) University Supervisor, who will be monitoring, visiting and assessing student performance throughout the training period. Students are encouraged to work closely with their University Supervisor.

INTRA visit will be conducted at least once (1) during the training period. The University Supervisor will liaise with the respective Company Supervisor for the visit(s) arrangement.


  1. Report & Presentation

Student will be given one (1) week to prepare for the Presentation and Report on Industrial Training. Students are encouraged to prepare TWO (2) hard-cover reports. However, comb binding is normally accepted. The finalized Report and Logbook should be submitted to the respective University Supervisor after the presentation.