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Research Cluster

  Drug discovery and delivery

The main focus is to develop basic and applied multidisciplinary research to discover bioactive natural products from plants, animals and microbial sources that may serve as lead compound for the development of new pharmaceutical or nutraceuticals.


  • Prof Dr Mohd Azizan Mohd Nor
  • Dr Sharifah Mariam Sayed Hitam
  • Dr Leong Chean Ring
  • Dr Tong Woei Yenn
  • Nurul Faezawaty Jamaludin
  • Fara Wahida Hamidi
  • Mahfuzah Mustapha

Biomolecular and Genetic Engineering

Discoveries in mutation, genetic manipulations and recombinant DNA technology support knowledge-based bioengineering for the newly discovered microbes which may lead to higher impact on industrial application.


  • AP Dr. Ruzainah Ali
  • Dr Leong Chean Ring
  • Dr Sharifah Mariam Sayed Hitam
  • Muhammad Sharir Abdul Rahman
  • Mohamad Zulkeflee Sabri
  • Nurdiyana Husin
  • Nik Ida Mardiana Nik Pa


Focuses on conducting resource assessments for renewable energy and biofuels processes, combustion emissions modeling of biofuels, and climate and wildlife habitat impact analyses


  •  Prof Dr Mohd Azizan Mohd Nor
  •  Dr Sharifah Soplah Syed Abdullah
  •  Dr Suzana Wahidin
  •  Dr Rozyanti Mohamad
  •  Muhamad Yusuf Hasan
  •  Dr Robert Bachmann

Environmental Biotechnology

Focusses on the area of microbial ecology by understanding how microbes survive, grow and interact in their ecological niche. The main areas include the study on the potential of microbes for wastewater treatment, improvement on the duration of plastic degradation as well as the identification of alternatives sources of bioenergy.


  • Norhani Jusoh
  • Zainatul ‘Asyiqin Samsu
  • Nik Ida Mardiana Nik Pa
  • Dr Robert Bachmann
  • Dr Md Sohrab Hossain


The use of materials in biomedicine and the development of bioanalogous biomaterials for regenerative and clinical applications in a GMP compliant facility.


  • Prof Dr Mohd Azizan Mohd Nor
  • Dr Sharifah Soplah Syed Abdullah
  • Dr Suzana Wahidin
  • Dr Leong Chean Ring
  • Dr Tong Woei Yenn
  • Muhamad Yusuf Hasan
  • Dr Kelly Yong Tau Len


Research Grant






Dr. Leong Chean Ring

Study of the molecular mechanism of immune response towards Hepatitis B virus



Dr. Tong Woei Yenn


Pharmacological effects and antibiotic mechanism of a new compound Phomopsidione on Extensively Drug Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Dr. Sharifah Soplah Binti Syed Abdullah


Interaction of 5-hydroxy-5-methoxyhex-5-ene-2,4-dione (HMD) with bacterial cellulose and its release kinetics to function as diabetic wound healing.

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Dr. Leong Chean Ring

Elucidation of the innate immune activation against Hepatitis B virus and its molecular mechanism of action



Dr. Tong Woei Yenn


Mode of action of a new antibiotic Phomopsidione on Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1

ICGEB, CRP Grant 2017, Italy


Details grant
1. FRGS- fundamental research grant scheme
2. MSTF- malaysia toray science foundation
3. ICGEB- international centre for genetic engineering and biotechnology



Head Of Section

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Rozyanti binti Mohamad
Email :
Tel : 606  551 2077