Bioengineering Technology

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The world is consistently changing and is always facing challenges in many areas of food, health, environment and industries. Biological materials are of importance when it is the common key to meet these challenges. This calls for the constant need for chemical engineers that have background in biological knowledge and applications.

The Section of Bioengineering Technology in UniKL MICET specializes in chemical and bioengineering technology education. We offer three educational programmes:

 Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons.) in Biosystem

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Hons.) in Bioprocess

Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology (Bioprocess)

Science based engineering that integrates engineering science and biotechnology disciplines which focusing into 4 specialization:- primary commodity product; environmental biotechnology; pharmaceutical product; and industrial biotechnology. The engineers will be able to apply biological system knowledge, engineering analysis and design to solve technical problems involving living things and the natural environment.

Chemical engineering technology based that focuses on manufacturing of bioproduct that utilize bio organisms as raw materials with intention to have value added product and also eliminating harmful wastes. The engineers will be able to apply the theories and principles of engineering and science for the manufacturing of bioproducts.

Our goal is to offer educational programmes of the highest quality that will prepare students for working positions in the chemical, biochemical, and biotechnology industries, as well as for academia. We aim to meet the increasing needs for chemical engineers and technologists that is seen to be in major shortage in Malaysia. Our programmes are fully taught in English. Our strengths have always been being able to produce industrially capable and qualified graduates with great potentials for being professionals, contributing to the various bioengineering areas. Our programmes are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

“UniKL MICET has provided me with essential education in biosystem engineering that suited the local industry and also offers numerous opportunities for me to develop my leadership and my technical skills that I very much appreciate now."

-Mr Azrul Izwat Shafiq,Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons.) in Biosystem, Executive BioNexus Engagement, Biotech Corp.