NMR - Services We Offer

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At the NMR facility, we are committed to providing students, postgraduate students, academicians and researchers with the best support services for your research and analytical projects. The services provided include:

1.    Sample Analysis

This services is not limited to the internal users and we are welcome enquiries from all disciplines within the universities and institutes. The sample can sent to us for analysis by NMR spectroscopy.

2.    Training

We also provide training to NMR users which held periodically throughout the year covering topics such as introductory of NMR spectroscopy, spectrometer operation and software applications.

We also encourage all UniKL MICET users of NMR must be licensed prior to using the spectrometers (internal only). For those new to NMR, training sessions are available.

For details about training, licensing and other services available, please email to Dr. Mohd Zulkhairi Abdul Rahim or Dr. Nor Nadiah Mohamad Yusof for more information about training and education assistance.

Instruction for sample submissions

  • For External Users

1.    The samples being sent from external users should be appropriately packaged and accompanied by a sample submission form (Link 1-External User-NMR submission form) and sent to the following address.

2.    The sample must be fully soluble in the nominated solvent (D2O or CDCl3, DMSO-d6, C3D6O and etc.) for analysis to be possible.

3.    It is beneficial for data collection and cost effectiveness to provide 50-100 milligrams of sample. Most NMR techniques are non-destructive, so samples can be returned to the client if requested. Throughput of samples will depend on the type of experiments required, as well as the amount of sample provided.

4.    Additional charge will be added for sample preparation, NMR tube and solvent from our laboratory. Discount will be offered if using own tubes and solvent.

5.    Routine analysis includes sample preparation, data collection, processing and report preparation. Results are typically provided as an electronic PDF version of the spectra recorded. Basic interpretation and processing such as integration and peak picking is also provided.

Please email to Dr. Nor Nadiah Mohamad Yusof if you have doubts about the solubility or solvent choose for your samples.

  • For Internal Users

1.    The samples should be brought to the NMR laboratory with the submission forms (Link 2-Internal User-NMR Submission form).

2.    All samples must be appropriately stored and labelled. Sample containers that have inadequate labelling and inappropriately stored will not be handled by NMR technical staff.

3.    For reservation slot, please visit the https://calendar.google.com/calendar/render?tab=mc&pli=1#main_7, the password can be obtained from NMR technical staff.

Please consult with NMR technical staff for reservation NMR analysis slot, using the NMR tube, solvents and preparing samples.


Dr. Nor Nadiah Mohamad Yusof
NMR Group Leader
Email : nornadiah@unikl.edu.my
Tel : 06 – 551 2085