UniKL MICET Green Creating awareness across campus.

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UniKL MICET has establish awareness of energy saving among staff & students. Several training on Energy Saving & Efficiency has been attended by one staff from each unit in OAM, Maintenance & Facilities and Academic. Current status, we are working closely with ‘MIGHT’ (Malaysia Industry-Government Group for High Technology) company which we undergo their program on Energy Efficiency. This is our first step in making UniKL MICET the first GREEN CAMPUS in Universiti Kuala Lumpur.
One of the objectives will be continue to aggressively pursue energy efficiency on campus. Besides, we will implement a recognized framework to manage, measure and improve   our performance.

What can you do?

1.    Plant trees that are native to your local area.

2.   Turn off lights when office/work areas are unoccupied especially in common places like bathroom, classroom, laboratories & lecture halls. Lights use more electricity than you think. As for classroom, also ensure all LCD projectors are switched off before leaving the room. In an office or communal space, implement a “Last to Leave” policy--the last person to leave the room turns off the lights, LCD projectors, computers & air conditioners

3.    Activate sleep or hibernate modes on computers. Better
yet, turn them off when not in use! Today’s devices are designed for sleep mode settings and frequent shut-downs. Attached is the manual activating on how this can be implemented. You may refer to IT for further assistance.

4.    Report any problems with a leaky sink, shower, or toilet to MAFU under ‘MICET Maintenance’.

5.    Unplug electronics from the wall when they are not in use, especially those that are rarely used.  Many appliances continue to draw power even when they are turned off. You can also try plugging them into a power strip / extension.

6.    Keep thermostats set to reasonable temperatures for air conditioners, suggested at 24〫C-25〫C.

Encourage others to do their part. You can make a difference!