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Halal Entrepreneur (HALALEN)

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Halal Entrepreneur (HALALEN)

HALALEN provides a platform for UniKL MICET to assist in fulfilling the government’s aspirations of positioning entrepreneurs from Malaysia in a global halal hub arena.

HALALEN provides a platform for UniKL MICET to assist in fulfilling the government’s aspirations of positioning entrepreneurs from Malaysia in a global halal hub arena. Utilising the hands on HALAL certified expertise in MICET UniKL, ISO accredited facilities of TPMB, latest biotechnological input from Biotechcorp and long term collaborative programme with HDC, the Halal programme is unique and fulfils the demanding requirement of food and services industries.

UniKL MICET trainers have been recognised by Halal Development Corporation (HDC) and JAKIM Halal Professional Board and ready to conduct current professional training courses to competent student and entrepreneurs. UniKL MICET has long includes Halal Technology in the syllabus for Food Engineering Technologist. UniKL MICET further introduced Certified Halal Executive Programme for graduating students to cater for the need of Halal Executive post, which is compulsory for all Food Industries recognized as Halal by JAKIM.

Head of Section: Assoc Professor Dr Abdul Manan Bin Dos Mohamed 

Halal Coordinator : Lily Suhaila binti Yacob 

Halal Online Application Coordinator : Nur Fadilla binti Mohd Hamidin 

Halal Marketing : Mohd Hafiz bin Nordin 

Assoc Professor Dr Abdul Manan Bin Dos Mohamed (SLPM, MESTI, GMP, Halal Std on Conformance Structure for OIC Countries, Lead Auditor HACCP,  HDC Certified Trainer, Lead Auditor HALAL JAKIM, IHI Alliance).

Assoc Professor Dr Azman Yusof  (Syariah, HDC Certified Trainer, Lead Auditor Halal JAKIM)

Dr Noriza Ahmad –(Head of Food Eng. Section, SLPM, MESTI, GMP, Lead Auditor HACCP, Lead Auditor HALAL JAKIM, IHI Alliance)

Dr Mazidah Abdul Rahman -(Halal Production, SLPM, MESTI, GMP, Lead Auditor HACCP, Lead Auditor HALAL JAKIM, IHI Alliance)

Nor Aini Burok –(Audit Specialist & Advisor (SLPM, MESTI, GMP, Lead Auditor HACCP, HDC Certified Trainer, Lead Auditor HALAL JAKIM)

Nur Fadilla Mohd Hamidin -(Lead Auditor HALAL JAKIM,   IHI Alliance)

Dr Zawiah Abdul Majid (Logistics, UniKL MIAT, Lead Auditor HALAL JAKIM)

Dr Aida Abdul Rahman (Logistics, UniKL MIAT, Lead Auditor HALAL JAKIM)

Assoc Professor Dr Ruzainah Ali (Dean, Halal DNA Finger Printing, HDC Certified Trainer)

Dr Anisah Bahyah Ahmad (Syariah, HDC Certified Trainer, Lead Auditor Halal JAKIM)

Rinani Shima Abdul Rashid (Halal Enzyme & Microbe, SLPM, MESTI, GMP, Lead Auditor HACCP, Lead Auditor HALAL JAKIM, IHI Alliance)

Haniza Kahar (Halal Process & Analysis, HDC Certified Trainer)

Asimi Ana Ahmad (Halal Process & Analysis, HDC Certified Trainer)

Dr Khairul Faizal Pa’ee –(Halal Protein& Amino Acids, Lead Auditor HALAL JAKIM)

Muhammad Sharir Abdul Aziz (Halal PCR Analysis, HDC Certified Trainer)

Norazmi Omar (Halal Entrepreneurship, HDC Certified Trainer)

Sa’adiah Hussin (Communication, HDC Certified Trainer)

Noorhayati Saharuddin (Communication, HDC Certified Trainer)

Muhamad Yusof Hasan (Pharmaceuticals, in progress for certification)

Nurul Faezawaty Jamaludin (Cosmetics, in progress for certification)

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Fuad Shamsuddin (Pharmacy, in progress for certification)

Dr Suzana Wahidin (Cosmetics, in progress for certification

HALALEN offers training programs to help the industry player understand the importance of complying with Halal requirements that covers important cores; Halal Technology, Shariah, Law and Standard, Auditing, Halal Analysis and Halal Assurance Management System (HAS). These training programs also will guide industry players in both food and non-food sectors (nutraceutical and pharmacy) to ensure that their products are halal and thoyibban and should incorporate and comply the halal principles in their manufacturing processes.


  1. Halal Awareness Training (Halal Market)- Basic
  2. Halal Awareness Training (Halal requirement/principle)
  3. Malaysian Standard-Halal Food
  4. Malaysian Standard-Halal Logistics
  5. Malaysian Standard-Consumer Good
  6. Malaysian Standard-Halal Pharmaceutical
  7. Malaysian Standard-Cosmetics
  8. Halal Assurance Management System
  9. Internal Halal Audit Planning


  1. Halal Executive Course (Duration: 70 hours)
  2. Halal Auditing Course (Duration: 100 hours)


Master in Business Management (Halal Entrepreneurship) in collaboration with UniKL Business School.


Upon realising that UniKL MICET plays an important role in strengthening research and training component within the halal industry, the team from UniKL MICET utilises Asia Food Validation Centre UniKL-MARA (formerly known as INTEM), located in Kepong to train food entrepreneurs and conduct relevant product development and test to upgrade the quality of product to Halal and Toyyiban status.


HALALEN’s consultancy services provides essential advice on the preparations for Halal Compliance Certification, as well as the continuity and expansion of scope of the certification. Through HALALEN’s Pre Audit service, our consultants will lead to the level of compliance in accordance to JAKIM or other Halal Certification Authority, focusing on seven major schemes as shown in figure below.

For more information please contact:

Assoc Professor Dr Abdul Manan (Email: amanandos@unikl.edu.my)

Lily Suhaila (Email: lilysuhaila@unikl.edu.my)

Mohd Hafiz (Email: hafiz.nordin@unikl.edu.my)

Tel : +606-551 2000
Fax: +606 – 551 2001

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