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Shaping The Future Graduate

Enhance student development and success through innovative programs, services and partnerships. Student Development Center strives to maintain a responsive, friendly environment where learning can flourish, and we look forward to working with you as you pursue your academic goals & the gateway to enriched academic and personal development for each student.

Training provided by Student Development Section:

Date :  28 March 2019 & December 2019

Detail : The Section of Student Development offers a series of education camps (EduCamp) that are targeted at young learners.

The camps include English EduCamp and Smart Ibadah EduCamp which are specifically organized in a fun learning environment and focus on different skills, that are expected to enhance the young participants’ knowledge, motivation, confidence level and creativity.

The activities for English EduCamp like Explorace, Grammar is Fun, Write it Right and The Poet in Me are conducted in computer labs, lecture halls as well as around the campus to nurture the spirit of independence and adventure among the campers.

As for the Smart Ibadah EduCamp, programs like Solat Sempurna, The Quran in our Life and Permata Hati Umi are expected to enhance the participants’ awareness of their surrounding and their connection to the Creator, the important people and things that matter most around them.

Date : 29 March 2019 & December 2019

Detail : 

Date : 

24 April 2019

Details : 

Unit Counseling will hold a training “The Art of Character based on Numerology” on April 2019. The purpose of the program is to provide some basic knowledge of the characteristics and personality of the staff to understand themselves and the people around them. What is Numerology? Numerology is a language of numbers, letters, and symbols. It’s based on the notion that everything is connected, and that everything exists in perfect synchronicity with everything else. The objectives of these programs are:

To learn about characteristic based on date of birth through numerology

To strengthen character and build positive outlook among participants

To understand and learn better about ourselves.

As a tool to for counselors, lecturers and helper to understand their clients

Date : 

July 2019

Details : 

This program offers financial education on the responsible use of money and credit management skills. 
Target participant are teachers, counselor, HR, manager or officer who are directly involve with student or workers.
After join this training, trainee are awarded with the Certificate of Financial Management from Agensi Kaunseling & Pengurusan Kredit Malaysia (AKPK).


Date : 

December 2019

Details : 


Date : 


Details : 

Teknik OPTIMAL telah membantu Ramai Graduate dan Orang Menganggur Untuk Dapat Kerja dalam Oil & Gas!

Apa Anda Akan Belajar Dalam Coaching Oil and Gas:
1) Kenali Industri Oil & Gas & Lifecycle Project/Operation
2) Kenali Teknik OPTIMAL dalam Resume
3) Rahsia Cari Kerja di Jobstreet dan Online Platform Lain
4) Cara Menggunakan Linkedin untuk Mencari Kerja
5) Teknik Untuk Jawab Interview yang susah
6) Rahsia Demand Gaji Berlipat Ganda

For enquiry, please email:

Ms Noorhayati   :

Dr Anisah         :

Ms Herdayuwati :

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