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Green technology is aimed at mitigating human impact on the environment. This can include resource-conserving technologies as well as those that incorporate renewable resources. It encompasses technology that reverts environmental degradation.

The demand for green technology solutions and services is increasing as environmental awareness on global warming spread throughout industry and society.

Additionally, growing consumer and industrial interest in clean energy resources is expected to fuel market growth in the coming years.

In 2028, the market is expected to generate US$41.62bil (RM176.21bil). The increase in demand will eventually return to pre-pandemic levels once the pandemic is over.

Green Process Engineering is a subfield of chemical engineering that utilises special tools to design environmentally friendly and safe chemical processes. To achieve green process development, it is necessary to integrate new environmentally friendly chemical routes and technological innovation.

One of the critical challenges is to cultivate a strong research and development culture in the field of green chemical engineering technology, which partly involves training an army of highly skilled researchers.

Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Chemical and Bioengineering Technology (UniKL MICET) is among the pioneer providers of engineering technology in Malaysia. The Master of Engineering Technology (Chemical Engineering) and Doctor of Philosophy (Chemical Engineering) programmes are fully accredited and recognised by the Malaysian Qualification Agency.

The programmes provide depth and flexibility to a curriculum taught by experienced educators and researchers, access to industry-based learning opportunities, substantial amount of international and national research grants as well as generous scholarships for selected UniKL postgraduate students every year. Under these programmes, students will receive guidance and supervision from experts who have extensive doctoral training from the world’s best universities.

The programmes offer diverse range of expertise in chemical engineering technology research, addressing a wide variety of important research areas including chemical processing, bioprocessing, environmental management, food and beverage, oil and gas, petrochemicals, and many others.

There is a wide range of industries that utilise chemical engineering technologists, particularly in manufacturing processes.

UniKL MICET offers prospective students far more than just a qualification, such as a valuable learning experience. Students will also gain great exposure to transdisciplinary research through close collaboration with industries. UniKL invests continuously in research facilities to ensure researchers and students have access to the equipment necessary to develop and test their cutting-edge ideas.

Additionally, UniKL MICET offers part-time programmes for working adults, allowing them to pursue postgraduate degrees while maintaining their current jobs. The institute has industrial-grade facilities, which means students can conduct research on campus or at their workplace.

Many students also work on research projects assigned by their own companies or industrial partners at the universities. The programmes have successfully prepared students to excel in their careers, as evidenced by their high employment rate.

The postgraduate programmes are specially designed with this transformative agenda in mind. Join UniKL MICET to be part of the transformation in green technology.


The article was published in The Star newspaper on 21 December 2021

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