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UniKL Ulul Albab Programme

Kursus UniKL Ulul Albab

UniKL Ulul Albab Programme

The ultimate goal of UniKL Ulul Albab is to produce the holistic Huffaz Professional. Huffaz Professional UniKL Ulul Albab programme provides a venue for those who have already memorized partly or the whole 30 juz’ of al-Quran to maintain and continue their memorizing while pursuing the academic programmes of their choice. In addition, Sijil Tahfiz Malaysia (STM) is offered as an added value for UniKL Students.


UniKl started embarking on the Ulul Albab programme in September 2016, with four campuses receiving students for the Huffaz Professional programme. Initially, there were merely a total of 43 students enrolled in various programmes at four selected campuses. In September 2017, the UniKL Ulul Albab programme expanded to four other UniKL campuses, making a total of eight campuses and the total number of students stood at 141. In September 2019, the total number has increased to 256 students.

These students will attend an additional 10 hours per week of learning to help them with the Quranic memorization process facilitated by a qualified tahfiz instructor. Those who have completed 30 juz’ memorization are qualified to sit for the Sijil Tahfiz Malaysia (STM) commissioned by Darul Quran JAKIM.


  • To provide an integrated and balanced system of learning that caters for the spiritual, moral, intellectual and ethical values of Islam.
  • To produce a balanced, just and united society by inculcating the spirit of justice, honesty and selflessness in the service of humanity.
  • To model the students’ daily activities based on the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Entry Requirement

  • Memorized at least a minimum of 15 juz’ of al-Quran.
  • Possessed tahfiz background is an advantage.
  • Passed the interview.
Flow Chart Programme


  • Foundation Programme UniKL @ STPM / Diploma
  • Pursuing Bachelor Programme at UniKL
  • Track 2


  • Al Quran skills test
  • Bachelor Programme & Ulul Albab Module (3 – 5 years )
  • Sijil Tahfiz Malaysia / Sijil Tahfiz Al Quran * (Complete Module 60 credit hours )
  • Graduate Technologies Engineering/ Medical

Year 1

Ulul Albab Courses (Sem 1 & Sem 2)

  • 2 hours/day (7 am – 9 am):
    • Kelas Hifz Al-Quran 1 & 2
    • Kelas Tajwid

Year 2

Ulul Albab Courses (Sem 3 & Sem 4)/span>

  • 2 hours/days
    • Kelas Hifz Al-Quran 3 & 4
    • Kelas Tajwid

Year 3

Ulul Albab Courses (Sem 5 & Sem 6)

  • 2 hours/day
    • Kelas Hifz Al-Quran 5 & 6

Year 4

Ulul Albab Courses (Sem 7 & Sem 8)

  • 2hours/day
    • Kelas Tasmi’, Tahriri & Murajaah
    • Sijil Tahfiz Malaysia/ Certificate of completion
  • Involved in mobility activity (domestic/overseas) : Imam Terawikh

Quick Points

Status Programme:

Tutition Fees
No fees will be charged for Huffaz Professional UniKL Ulul Albab programme.
* Minimum fees will be charged to those who are qualified for STM examination

May / June (Foundation)
September (Bachelor)

4 years

Branch Campus Malaysian Institute of Chemical & Bioengineering Technology (UniKL MICET)

Lot 1988, Kawasan Perindustrian Bandar Vendor, Taboh Naning,
78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka.

+606 – 551 2000

+606 – 551 2001

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