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Finance Unit

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Finance Unit

Finance Unit serves as the central financial unit at the UniKL MICET. The main functions of Finance Unit are to ensure that all the daily financial transactions are operated smoothly & meet both internal & external customers.

Finance Unit has 6 staffs which segregate into 3 major units consist of Account Receivables, Account Payables and Reporting.

Account Receivable

Account Receivable is responsible to perform the accounting function of billing and collecting for tuition, student fees and other student charges, calculation of tuition fees by credit hours, credit controller, billing & collecting for other debtors.

Payment method

There are 2 main channel for make payment to UniKL MICET.

a)     Payment via CIMB Clicks. Please refer to our  guideline   for step by step procedure on how to make payment using CIMB Clicks.

b)     CIMB Collect service. This is a common channel used by students to make payment at a CIMB bank. Please refer to our  guideline  on how to fill up the collect service form.

The details of UniKL MICET bank account

Bank Name: CIMB BANK


Account Number: 800 4418 735

Swift Code: CIBBMYKL

Clearance Process

Students which are withdraw/terminated/complete their study are COMPULSORY to fill up the clearance form. The purpose of this process to identify any charges/penalties that will be imposed to student before refund of their Deposit.

For student withdraw/terminated, they can submit the complete form before leaving UniKL officially.

For final semester student/complete, they can submit the complete form after officially complete their study/Internship. An estimation of the disbursement of Deposit within 1-2 month from the date of graduation.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for the timely and accurate processing of all non-payroll disbursements made by the UniKL MICET. This includes vendor invoices, employee claim expenses and advances, student refund of Deposit and other miscellaneous payments.

Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact person in charge:

  • Zaharah Binti Hamzah

Tel: +606 – 551 2057


  • Azhari Bin Ahmad

Tel: +606 – 551 2038



Tuition fees Charges

Tuition fees will be charged to student according to the week of academic calendar. This practice is applied to those students want to withdraw/defer their study.



Barring Process – Registration For Returning Student

Student will be not allowed to do semester registration due to several circumstances:-

a)     Have outstanding debt from previous semester

b)     Loan suspended due to CGPA < 2.5

c)     DDA Rejected

d)     Do not pay current semester registration fees

For further reference on how the process of barring semester registration, please refer to Barring Process – Registration for Returning Student


Total Credit To Graduate (TCG)

TCG is process of calculation of the total of tuition fees for the whole program. This calculation will take into account the repeat/withdraw/upgrade paper & exemption credit (transfer). This process are stipulated in F/AR/0003/2009 (2nd Revision dated on January 27, 2011).

TCG will be carried out in week 5. This exercise could be perform after received full listing from ACMD in week 4. Students which were involved in this process will be informed thru SMS/Reminder/Telephone. Students also can check their finance billing status in their student portal (ECITIE).

  • Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact person in charge:
    Anefa Binti Othman
    Tel: +606 – 551 2057


  • Sitti Khadijah Binti Jantan
    Tel: +606 – 551 2038

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