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FAQ Procurement/Purchasing

Who do I contact regarding a question about Purchasing/Procurement UniKL MICET?

You may call Procurement Unit Office at 06 – 551 2071/2105 or for details personnel please visit our website https://bit.ly/2ukQFf3

Where can I find information regarding Procurement/Tender UniKL MICET?

Kindly click on https://bit.ly/2ukQFf3 for more information regarding procurement/tender in UniKL MICET

Is it possible to invite any vendors for supply/service at UniKL MICET?

No. Only registered vendors will be invited.


What is Purchase Order?

Purchase Order (PO) is an official document issued by UniKL MICET to place an order with Vendor/Supplier. PO has a unique number associated with it and it indicates types, quantities, agreed prices for product and services.

How to request purchase of material? Who do I have to contact?

Starting 2016, all purchase requisitions will apply thru E-Procurement system (EPR). Each section/department/unit has designated person as requester to apply on behalf of section/department/unit. Please do call procurement office at 06 – 551 2071/2105 for more details

What is Direct Purchase?

Direct Purchase is purchasing of product/services thru Purchase Order for amount less than RM25,000.00 (for campus level) and RM50,000.00 (for Chancellery level). Please refer process flow below for your reference.

What is procurement workflow process?

Please refer workflow diagram below for your reference.

Why procurement unit need more than 1 (ONE) Quotation?

To ensure competition is free, open and fair process that should result in fair and reasonable price paid for products and services.

What if product delivered does not meet my specification? What should I do?

DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT Delivery Order (DO). Please promptly contact procurement office at 06 – 551 2071/2105 for assistance.

I am interested to register as vendor with UniKL MICET? How can I register with UniKL?

For potential vendor, you can register by click this link https://bit.ly/38B5FEx or 

How do I know advertising of project/tender in UniKL MICET?

All tender/quotation will be advertised at our website. Please visit our website https://bit.ly/38B5FEx for more information.

I am post graduate student and want to purchase material for my research, what am I supposed to do?

Please contact Ms Nur Najiha at HoRI (06-551 2055) office for further assistance.

In case of emergency Purchases, what shall I do?

Any emergency purchases for amount less than RM500.00, you are allowable to purchase and claim direct to finance office. Please do contact finance office (Zaharah) at 06 – 551 2057 for further assistance.

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