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Shaping The Future Graduate

Enhance student development and success through innovative programs, services and partnerships. Student Development Center strives to maintain a responsive, friendly environment where learning can flourish, and we look forward to working with you as you pursue your academic goals & the gateway to enriched academic and personal development for each student.

Students in UniKL MICET have the opportunity to be involved in various extra-curricular activities as there are an array of clubs and societies of various nature to choose from:

Registered Club & Societies :


Sports Club Non-Sports Club
Badminton Club
Kelab Bola Jaring
Kelab Bola Tampar
Kelab Bowling
Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Pusaka Ustaz Hanafi
Persatuan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia
Kelab Sukan Air dan Rekreasi
Kelab Tenis
Ping Pong Club
Vendor City MICET Basketball Club
Eco-Friendly Club
Food Technology Club
Kelab Bioengineering
Kelab Eksplorasi
Kelab Kebudayaan
Kelab Ketamadunan Islam
Kelab Perkim
Kelab Proses
Kor Sispa
Peer’s Guidance Vanguard
Sekretariat Rakan Muda
Polymer Technology Club
Ches Club
Polymer Technology Club
Unipicture and Media Club

All active involvement in extra-curricular activities would contribute to GHOCS point. What is GHOCS? Please read on.


Graduate – Higher Order Critical Skills (G-HOCS) is a system developed to recognise student’s achievements and efforts through certification. The achievement and effort involve experiential learning in training and interaction sessions and activities outside or inside the classroom. Thus at the end your study, you will receive two certificates: one for your academic achievement and one for your extra-curricular achievement which highlights the soft-skill development that you have experienced.


Here are the aims for GHOCS implementation in UniKL :

  1. To encourage students to make continuous and hardworking efforts to pursue holistic independence to nurture self-discipline and integrity.
  2. To record achievement, recognise and reward students. GHOCS enables students to develop their graduate skills and attribute through their experience within the years in UniKL.
  3. To generate High Order Critical Skills (HOCS) transcript / e-resume / e – portfolio


G-HOCS is accessible by all students, UniKL Staff (who are Club advisors), SDCL Management & administered by two SDCL PICs at campuses level.


G-HOCS is a point based program which is made up of four components / modules:

  • Skills Development
  • Excellence Program
  • UniKL DNA Program
  • Management Skills (Additional)

Therefore, with more involvement in any or all of the modules, the more points you can collect for your GHOCS certification.

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