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International, Industrial and Institutional Partnership (IIIP)

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International, Industrial and Institutional Partnership (IIIP)

Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Institute of Chemical and BioEngineering Technology (UniKL MICET) is proud to bring International, Industrial and Institutional Partnership (IIIP) sector. We pride ourselves in shaping the mindset and attitude of graduates prior and after university life. 3iP consists of three divisions namely:

To produce dynamic graduates either as enterprising global entrepreneurs or elite industrialist with UniKL DNA for the nation.

To impart impactful programs for students related to entrepreneurial, lifestyle & specialized technical disciplines in developing holistic graduates.



IL unit’s main task is to prepare student from day one upon joining UniKL for industrial competencies skill development through programs such as Industrialmanship™, teaching factory and Graduate Employability Program. These programs are carefully developed based on the academic programs’ progression in order to supplement technical competencies with workplace readiness attitude under the guidance from industrial trainers and experts. Students will also be given the opportunity to mingle with industrial CEOs and players as part of the requirement of completing the said programs. By the end of these programs, graduates should have acquired ample competencies to be absorbed directly into workforce with minimal supervision and probation. IL unit also have their own portal for industries to advertise vacancies with priority given for UniKL graduates to apply.  Apart from the routine industrial training; IL unit also works closely on providing internship-leading to job program (BRITAY™) for successfully interviewed students.


Teknoputra Unit is responsible for the entrepreneurial development of students during their studies and graduates after university years.  The division is the university’s backbone in the vision and mission in producing entrepreneurs with technical skills through academic subjects and development programs with various agencies. Students are also encourage to start as early as semester one to register for GENESIS™ program whereby their entrepreneurial career will be given a push until the graduation day.Alumnis who are already entrepreneurs or are interested or are also encourage to join E-Scholar™ program for more business and networking opportunities. This division is also championing Dewan Perniagaan Alumni UniKL (DPAU), an alumni chamber of commerce’s platform open for all to showcase their business acumen.


The UniKL International Office (UIO) promotes the Universiti Kuala Lumpur through internationalisation and globalisation by coordinating the university’s international collaborations and partnerships with institutions across the globe. This includes giving UniKL students the opportunity to continue their education at universities in other countries. UniKL supports academics and researchers in global research teamwork with scientists in various disciplines.

UIO focuses on international relations and opportunities for UniKL students to experience the studying abroad scheme (Outbound Mobility) while completing their academic years with UniKL. There are plenty of academic programs like UniKL’s Transfer Degree Programme as well as short stint stay / short courses for those interested in experiencing studying abroad for two weeks or one semester depending on the program offered (EduTourism, ISEM™ and ERASMUS+). Inbound mobility on the other hand welcomes students from various parts of the world to congregate and experience UniKL DNA and lifestyle at our campuses for a short stay. UniKL students should also benefit from the exchange student policy in the form of experiential learning, maturity, and healthy competitive edge perspectives.

We look forward to welcoming you to our UniKL community and hope you will have the best experience with us.

UniKL MICET’s students are required to choose and stay from beginning of their studies until completion on either any of the programs offered above. The programs will in turn becomes a niche for graduates after university life and mature in sectors and relevant industries. 3iP is proud to bring these programs as a mean to support the nurturing of UniKL DNA in producing Higher Technical and Vocational Education and Training (HTVET) competency for our graduates.


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