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Food Engineering Technology

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Food Engineering Technology

The programs are offered to satisfy the food industry demand for a skilled workforce in meeting with the nation’s requirement.

The section offers five programs to the students:

The Malaysian food industries manufacture food from local and imported raw materials and ingredients. These manufactured foods are mainly for local consumption. With the establishment of “Halal Hubs”, the food manufacturing activities are now embarking on exporting halal food for the world community. There will be an expansion in food manufacturing activities and therefore an increase in need for skilled workers well verse with food manufacturing technology. The demand for food engineering technology graduates will increase as many new companies foreign and local will be established and will require their technical expertise to solve the problems, maintain the process and manage environmental interfaces.

This need is being viewed from the high demand for engineering technologist to operate and maintain the production machineries. Therefore, the prepared curriculum is being focused more on the skill based training that is needed by the industry.

Our goal is not only to market our products (graduates) for Malaysia, but also to satisfy the increasing demand of the world’s chemical engineering industry. Therefore, the programme is offered in English. Research and development is also emphasized to ensure that our graduates are the best in the chemical engineering technology specializing in food.

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