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Environmental Engineering Technology and Polymer Engineering Technology

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Environmental and Polymer Engineering Technology


Environmental engineering technology is the application of engineering principles and interdisciplinary environmental sciences to address challenges associated with human impacts on the environment. This field studies the complex relationship between human behaviour and the environment to develop mitigation strategies. Municipal and industrial treatment plant technologists, laboratory and environmental quality technicians, health and safety managers, environmental consultants, and sustainability managers for industry and governmental agencies are all examples of environmental engineering technologists.

The UniKL MICET’s Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Environment) with Honours is an interdisciplinary programme that prepares students for careers in applied environmental engineering by teaching them essential problem-solving skills that are required in regional and national industries, manufacturing, government, and engineering services firms. The application of engineering concepts to the solution of practical problems is the program’s main emphasis. Students will learn how to apply engineering, mathematics, geoscience, chemistry, physics, and biology to a range of environmental problems through hands-on applications and interdisciplinary coursework. Students investigate the impact of emissions on humans and habitats, devise methods to change processes to eliminate or mitigate negative effects and devise long-term alternatives to resource management. Besides, the programme emphasises teamwork, academic writing, and project management. The major’s mission is to produce well-rounded engineering technologists who can adapt and thrive in a highly competitive environment.

To complete a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Environment) with Honours, students can benefit from partnerships with international and local technical universities and local industry. Students can have several opportunities for internships, co-op experiences, and jobs after graduation as a result of these partnerships.

Engineering Technology Vs Engineering

Engineering and engineering technology are two distinct but related fields of study. Engineers’ work emphasises theoretical aspects of mathematical, scientific, and engineering concepts, while engineering technologists’ work focuses on applied and functional applications. Using basic engineering concepts and technical knowledge, technologists often collaborate with engineers. Engineering programmes emphasise theory and conceptual design to prepare students for jobs, while engineering technology programmes emphasise application and implementation. Engineering technology programmes typically have fewer math courses and more laboratory and application-based experiences.

Continuing Education

With work experience, graduates with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Technology (Environment) with Honours often move to supervisory, executive and managerial positions. They also may obtain certification at several levels through the Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT) and Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). Graduates may also pursue graduate studies in environmental engineering or environmental science.


A University Kuala Lumpur education strives to be vigilant and operationally ready in improving its academic and research outputs continuously. UniKL’s commitment to high-quality, effective development has resulted in positive gains, towards supporting its lecturers in their journeys towards transformational teaching capability and learning engagement.

Section of Environmental Engineering Technology has been progressively reforming its curriculum to include emerging technologies and their applications aiming at producing graduates with various levels expertise with a specialised background. Along with the Faculty, Section of Environmental Engineering Teknology students will be introduced to many courses to be chosen as elective courses in the senior years and trained to become leaders in chemical engineering technology with environment and sustainability concerns in mind.

They will learn from well-qualified academic staff, be encouraged to contribute ideas, and develop leadership skills through programs that are developed to cater a variety of students’ needs.  Efficient and effective teaching and learning strategies and practices are used to not only teach but also train students to become research professionals, well-versed in the latest technologies, in tandem with the University’s motto ‘Where Knowledge is Applied’.

Staff have been the backbone of the section’s success of teaching and learning. They are supported in the teaching and research programs by a range of industry specialists and retired academics to add technical depth and knowledge breadth to these activities. Collectively and variously these staff manage a range of courses, research projects and supervise graduate research student connected to these projects.

Besides teaching, Section of Environmental Engineering Technology is also highly dynamic in research and consultancy especially in the field of among others; water and hydrology (resources, technology and quality), wastewater treatment, environmental management (pollution prevention, policy and legal requirements), environmental pollution control technologies (geographical information system, air and noise) and waste management.

The section’s ever-improving environmental laboratory also promotes forward-looking academic research and internationalization including by research fellows from overseas. This strategy helps the section to drive its goals and strategies for improving its position in the international rankings, building relationships with researchers and collaborative partners around the world, creating opportunities for its students to collaborate with industries (both local and global), and increasing participation for both academics and students in the global community.

Polymer Engineering Technology

The section offers three programs to the students:

The programs are offered to satisfy the polymer industry demand for a skilled workforce in meeting with the nation’s requirement.

This need is being viewed from the high demand for engineering technologist to operate and maintain the production machineries. Therefore, the prepared curriculum is being focused more on the skill based training that is needed by the industry.

Our goal is not only to market our products (graduates) for Malaysia, but also to satisfy the increasing demand of the world’s chemical engineering industry. Therefore, the programme is offered in English. Research and development is also emphasised to ensure that our graduates are the best in the chemical engineering technology specializing in polymer.

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